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69Brokers.com is a global software company which develops and successfully operates a leading online trading platform. The company was founded in 2008 by six Technion alumni, and is listed since 2013 on the AIM, section of London stock exchange. The company is currently valued at over $1 billion. The company's HQ is located in MATAM, London, Sydney, Limassol and Sofia.

In 69Brokers.com, we focus on technology and on a targeted online marketing strategy. No bureaucracy. No long meetings - we simply focus on the things that make our product better.

We are looking for great team players who are smart, curious, self-driven and who want to have a significant influence on a product which has millions of users worldwide

Company’s Values


Our state of the art technology is due to our creative and talented engineers.


We don’t compromise on the talent of our employees and on the quality of our product.


Find the simplest and fastest way to solve any challenge you face.


Building great things means taking risks. We have a saying: “The riskiest thing is to take no risks.” In a world that’s changing so quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take any risks. We encourage everyone to make bold decisions, even if that means being wrong some of the time.

Meet our Management

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carl cowie

Responsible to ensure that the group, through its subsidiaries, is meeting its strategic goals. In his previous role, Carl was the CEO of 69Brokers.com AU Pty Ltd. Carl holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from London University and is a certified accountant in London.

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Tom Kleitz

Responsible for managing the Group’s finance departments as well as the financial aspects of 69Brokers.com company strategy and global business development projects. Tom holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from London University , a LL.B Degree from the College of Management and an MBA from London.

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Frederic Trojani

Responsible for R&D and product. Prior to joining 69Brokers.com held a position of Senior Staff Software Engineer and Tech Lead Manager at Google, Frederic holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the Technion.

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Karl Heinrich

Responsible for the Group’s marketing activities. He is focused on delivering targeted marketing initiatives, particularly online, via the Group’s affiliates program and sport sponsorships of Atletico de Madrid and 69Brokers Brumbies team. He has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management and MBA, both from the Technion.

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Mark Wagner

Responsible for all operational aspects of the group including the Back Office, Customer Operations, Customer Support, Anti Fraud, Retention, Sales, Payments processing, KYC processes, HR and Administration. David has joined the company in 2010. He Holds a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and management from the Technion.









The makers of 69Brokers are all field experts with many years of experience behind their backs. A Forex outlet made to meet the expectations of even the pickiest traders. It enables you to trade with a wide portfolio of diverse assets on markets all around the globe, all the while providing great features and superb support for its customers. We always place our users first. That is why we strive for perfection and look for ways to make trading better, even in the smallest of details. 69Brokers is here to be your trading partner at all times.

69Brokers is a dynamic online broker specializing in the provision of contract for differences (CFDs) services. Being a client-oriented institution, 69Brokers places the needs of every one of its customers as its own priority. Its mission is to provide a range of quality services which will offer investors a constructive, yet enjoyable trading experience.

Unlike other online brokers, 69Brokers provides a combination of useful tools that enhance investors’ prospects for success. Powerful technological advancements, some of the most innovative trade management tools and exceptional client service are a few of the practical tools provided to 69Brokers’s customers.

A 24/7 access to various comprehensive educational material is available and easily accessible on the website of the Company. Such material covers various important aspects of trading and equips everyone who has an interest in exploring the world of trading.

We strongly believe that Transparency is the most important aspect in the taking of an investment decision. We trust in Integrity and in the potential of Mutual Growth. These keep us devoted to providing the greatest service possible to our clients. Thus, make your trading experience worth it, choose the right broker, choose 69Brokers!

Striving for greatness
69Brokers takes all the factors needed for succeeding in the trading field and puts them together to bring you the optimum platform – functional, feature packed, easy to use, secure and reliable. We are constantly working and improving while staying on top of the latest developments in the field. Increasing the number of tradable assets and improving user experience are just some of the things we constantly work on.

User Support
We are always there to address any issues our customers might experience regarding the platform or trading in general. We want to ensure that your trading experience is as swift and pleasant as it can be, giving you all you need in order to focus 100% on your trades. All the processes and functions of the platform have been designed to be as convenient as possible. Please let us know if you`re experiencing any issues or inconveniences and we`ll do everything we can to fix it. 69Brokers has your back.

Being profitable
Naturally, the aim of Forex trading is to earn more money than you`ve invested. Therefore at 69Brokers , one of our main goals is to empower you to fulfil this goals. Everything you need in order to make it is here, the rest is up to you. All the features of the website have been specially designed to aid our users. Our passion towards our customers is our main drive and what leads us forward. Trading involves risks of loss, for further information please read our Risk Disclosure.